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The Church has to take the secular college campus seriously. For far too long we have been either ignoring what happened there, or chalking it up as out of reach. The body of Christ in many communities has given over the job of reaching college students to a relatively small group of highly trained professionals: i.e. campus missionaries. These specialists are doing a great job but there is so much more that needs to be done.

In an Email from Leonard Sweet:

I have good news and bad news . . . This book, if it carried the name of a Christian celebrity, would be an instant best-seller . . . It is fantastic  . . .warm, witty, engaging, probing, provocative, yet gentle and nonthreatening. . .. I can’t tell you how much I like it… len”


Vision Rider wrote:
Easy read, very engaging. Great story of an American family that moved to Germany for about 15 years. The author uses real world, every day examples of life in European Socialism compared to what we (Americans) are use to in a capitalist system. I especially like the section on “no such thing as free.” Free stuff and a social welfare system like the one in Germany is very expensive and requires a high tax burden to fund. I definitely recommend it for any of your friends who think more government programs are the answer. This book explains what it feels like to live under such a social welfare system.

Understanding the Deity of Christ!This book is an attempt to put a tool into the hands of Christians everywhere who struggle with turning away well-meaning people who come knocking on their door. It was born out of a desire to minister to a select group of “neighbors” we all have, Jehovah Witnesses. As they come to our door, it is not enough to say that we are not interested. God is bringing loving people, people with a desire to do good and love God, to our very doors. This tool is meant to help guide a discussion as to who Jesus claimed to be.

The Words of Worship Series was created to help the Author bring more Bible verses into his daily quite time. The goal of this series is to have the reader become more engaged in actually using Bible verses, with a focus on God’s attributes, in their own private devotional life.