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Fig Leaf Shorts: Understanding Adam and Eve’s Wardrobe Fiasco

Hey there friends and curiosity seekers. My new book is up and available. Have a look at what American theologian, semiotician, church historian, pastor, and author Leonard Sweet had to say:
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FigLeafShortsFrom Len Sweet
I have good news and bad news . . . This book, if it carried the name of a Christian celebrity, would be an instant best-seller . . . It is fantastic . . .warm, witty, engaging, probing, provocative, yet gentle and nonthreatening. . .. I can’t tell you how much I like it.
Now the bad news . . . the publishing world is all about “celebritydom” . . .and no matter how good the book is, right now the name means everything. I’ve been sent books to review by celebrity preachers that were 1/10 this good . . . .and those were written by someone other than the celebrity . . .
So I’m not sure what to tell you . . . . . self-publish it; keep on knocking at the doors of a publisher and one may open . . . It is too good NOT to be out therefor people to enjoy . .