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Have a look at what American theologian, semiotician, church historian, pastor, and author Leonard Sweet had to say about my book:
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FigLeafShortsFrom Len Sweet
I have good news and bad news . . . This book, if it carried the name of a Christian celebrity, would be an instant best-seller . . . It is fantastic . . .warm, witty, engaging, probing, provocative, yet gentle and nonthreatening. . .. I can’t tell you how much I like it.
Now the bad news . . . the publishing world is all about “celebritydom” . . .and no matter how good the book is, right now the name means everything. I’ve been sent books to review by celebrity preachers that were 1/10 this good . . . .and those were written by someone other than the celebrity . . .
So I’m not sure what to tell you . . . . . self-publish it; keep on knocking at the doors of a publisher and one may open . . . It is too good NOT to be out therefor people to enjoy . ..”

 The Joys of Socialism

Explore the dangers of the social state through the experiences of the Barrale family. Joseph and Heidi lived in Germany and Austria, both social welfare states, for twelve years.  Get a reality check on what it means to live under this form of socialism.





Bobby Bear Baker

The Adventures of Bobby Bear Baker: Bobby Bear Baker and the Quelt.

Tate Publishing has been shut down by legal issues. This book is only available by contacting Joseph directly.  Just send an email to if you are interested.
$7.99 paperback