Entering a Political Quagmire

“The dilemma of modern man is simple: he does not know why man has any meaning.” Francis A. Schaeffer

When we try to give meaning to human existence  with out being tethered to an outside reality we end up, intellectually, all over the place. Meaning becomes something I like. Meaning becomes something we like. Meaning becomes something arbitrary.
1. Abortion is okay because a fetus is not a Human.
2. A botched abortion produces a live Human.
3. The death penalty is wrong because it is inhumane (definition needed).
4. While assisted suicide is humane, because quality of life counts. (ah)
5. Vandalism, theft, and destruction of private property is okay if people are protesting (the proper cause).
6. Some candidates for president are scrutinized while others are ignored.

Shame on the news media for not having intellectual integrity.

I admit that I feel abused or violated after hearing or watching the news!

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